Friday, July 17, 2009

Weight gain... ick!!

Well my boyfriend has caught on and he's pretty much been staying with me and pretty much been making sure I eat for the past couple of days. I feel so sick and I'm pretty sure I've gained all my weight back. I feel stuffed. The thing is for the few days that I have been restricting my calorie intake I don't recall feeling that hungry at all. It's proof that America just eats way to much and that's why the majority of us are overweight. It's pretty sad. That's why I have a hard time explaining to my boyfriend that I'm not necessarily starving myself I just only eat when it is needed. And the human body does not NEED to eat everyday. It can go up to 40 days without food. Today's society lives to eat when in fact we need to eat to live. And that's it. Anyways sorry about the rant. I'm gonna start new tomorrow.

My plan for tomorrow:
no more than 300 calories
at least 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of toning.

That should help put me back on track.


pokerface said...

It's good we have our boys to look out for us though. At the end of the day it's them who will catch on when we're not being healthy and help us snap out of it, cos we all know restricting can lead to bad places. I like your toning idea. It's great that you have the incentive and determination :) take care. xx

heebeejebus! said...

I completely agree with you.
As far as I'm concerned, I need food for ENERGY. Unless I'm doing something in a day that requires an excessive amount of energy, there's no reason for food.

-H- said...

you are so right...
now if i eat a few days only like 600cals i dont really feel that hungry
but i was eating like 2000cals i was more hungry than now...
well i think it is in my head i just want to feel some taste from the food
but you are doing great and any exercise will boost your metabolism
and i am so happy that you have a loving boyfrend who cares about you
stay strong