Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So today was my mom's birthday. It was pretty hard to avoid food today. But she got a coffee maker so I'll be able to get some coffee w/out anyone getting suspicious. My boyfriend came over today. Gosh he's so amazing. He brought me 3 roses and gave me a backrub. He really deserves someone alot prettier and skinnier. Seriously a guy who can look a fat girl like me dead in the eyes and tell her she's beautiful deserves the perfect girl and that's what I'm going to be for him. Anyways it was a bad day for food...

Food Intake:

1/2 a bottle of fuze - 90 calories
Orange - 62 calories
1 piece of toast w/ a tablespoon of peanut butter - 165 calories

Breakfast total: 317 calories

Cup of Lemonade - 120 calories
1 can of tuna - 140 calories
1 piece of toast - 70 calories

Lunch total: 330 calories

Herbal tea: 0 calories
1 cup of green beans - 40 calories
1 cup of baby carrots - 36 calories
1 medium apple - 56 calories
3 oz. of turkey - 75 calories
1 cup of cookies and cream ice cream - 360 calories

Dinner total: 567 calories

Day's total: 1,214 calories

So... today was horrible... I don't know what happened. I didn't even realize that I ate that much. Oh well it's still under the amount that I normally eat. I will do better tomorrow though. I'll keep it under 800 calories tomorrow. I didn't exercise much today either. I only did about 20 minutes of toning my lower body. I guess I was just so busy. I'm not gonna post my weight tonight cuz honestly I'm afraid to know. I'll post it in a couple days when it's gone down some. anyway, Thinspo...

I love her abs... I want mine to look like this so badly. I remember when they DID look like this. Anyways, I'll update on my progress more tomorrow. Oh yeah I'm still looking for some ana buddies to share tips and support with. Leave lots of comments please. :)


pokerface said...

I'll try remember to give you a mention in my next post in the morning. That should get you a few more views and maybe some followers. I really like your style so far. Keep at it :)