Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Definently not giving in..

So I had church tonight. I started to feel like that maybe this isn't right and that I'm perfect just the way I am. Then I got home and saw how much weight I've lost in just 2 days. I weigh 122.5 lbs now!!! And that's even after slipping up yesterday. I toned and ran alot today. So that probably has some affect. But after seeing that I'm definitely not giving this up. 107 is so close I can feel it. Well I'm getting pretty tired. I'm gonna hit the sack I'll try to post some more tomorrow.


pokerface said...

wow congratulations :) keep going!

-H- said...

Keep it up girl, you can do it.

Marca said...

Gongrats with your new lower weight - AWESOME!
Stay strong hun<3

Desert flower said...

Congrats on losing weight :)... you are perfect the way you are though. i hope you aren't looking to become disordered, cuz from your first post it sounds like it. its your choice though... good luck! :)