Monday, July 20, 2009

The Ex

Ok so something weird happened last night.. My ex boyfriends family called me last night. I'm supposed to be leaving in a week and a half to go to AIT and they wanna throw a going away party for me... I thought that was really weird considering I haven't talked to anyone in that family INCLUDING the ex for a year. I HATE it when they try to contact me. Anyone know that song by Taylor Swift "The Way I Loved You". Yeah that song COMPLETELY applies to my life. My boyfriend is amazing. He treats me right. My ex... let's just say he couldv'e been better. When I weigh the Pro's and Con's of both of them my boyfriend outshines my ex by a landslide. But, for some reason, I still go through these phases where I miss my ex and wanna do anything to be with him. It could be because he was my first love and you know, you never forget your first love. I know I would never leave my boyfriend to be with him. I can honestly say I can see myself happier with my boyfriend than my ex. We just both want totally different things for our life. He went to the Army, I'm in the Army but I'm switching to the Marines in February. He wants lots of kids, I only want 3. He wants to have sex, I wanna wait til I'm married. I want my family to be centered around God. He just wants to follow the basics of christianity. Honestly the ONLY thing we had in common was that we wanted a lot of land and a lot of animals. He has NO respect for females. I hate to say it but he's sorta the one who got me to start freaking out about my weight. Anyways everytime his family tries to contact me it gets me to thinking about him and that maybe we can work everything out and I can just throw away my relationship that I invested a year and a half in. I'll go make another Pro's and Con's list. LOL that should help. The only thing my ex really has on my boyfriend is that fact that we grew up together and he's more muscular.
A.) I'm not that shallow
B.)My boyfriend will more than likely be more muscular than him when he gets back anyways

I just gotta keep reminding myself that and I'll be all better. :)
Ok sorry for the rant I just had to get that off my chest. Anyways

So I've already eaten lunch

Food diary:

coffee - 0 calories
1 scrambled egg- 13 calories
1/2 a medium banana - 53 calories
1 piece of toast - 65 calories

1 cup of tuna - 179 calories
8 crackers - 157 calories

So I've had 467 calories today. I did some tummy toning this morning I'll probably do some more this evening. Oh yeah almost forgot LOL. I was 128 this morning. That's .5 lbs less than yesterday. 2.5 lbs less than when I started. Well I gotta get this house clean and I'll post some more after dinner. Later lovely babes :)


pokerface said...

Thanks :) well done on the .5lb :D I wish I had such an accurate scale haha. Damn lack of digital.

Ana's Girl said...

I understand the whole boyfriend--exboyfriend drama far too well. I'm still madly in love with my ex, and actually broke up with an amazing guy simply because it wasn't fair to him that i loved someone else. Also my ex helped me get along with my eating disorder as well. I'm sorry you have to be in that situation, but i'm here for ya if u need me.

Stay strong! You're doing so great.

-H- said...

You are doing so well.. i am really ahppy about your weight loss
and well it sounds from your today's post that your current boyfriend really cares about dont let him go.. :p
stay strong

Anonymous said...

how do you figure a scrambled egg is 13 calories? usually an egg is 70 cals. :/ or do you use egg whites or something?

thats a weird situation with the ex boyfriend thing. i think it is just because he is your first love and thats all it is, stay with your current honey. :)

heebeejebus! said...

That must be difficult. : (
I think staying with your current boyfriend and trying to push your ex out of your mind is probably best, but of course it's impossible when he keeps contacting you!

I think since you're the one bearing the children, ultimately it's up to you to decide how many you want! And if you do end up marrying your current boyfriend and having kids, I would say raise your kids moderately religious, and when they become old enough to think for themselves, they'll search out a more committed spirituality if it's right for them. My parents didn't raise my siblings and I with a religion but when my brother was a teenager he sought it out for himself and is now very very religious. And I know you weren't looking for a solution or anything, but I'm just saying you can always find a compromise. Don't give up on a great guy because you're not headed in the same direction. My parents are two completely opposites and they've been married for a really long time.

Anonymous said...

Good job on the weight loss! :) Haha your comment on my blog made me laugh :) thank you.

It's really a weird situation with your boyfriend/ex boyfriend. But as you already did, a pros/cons list can be really helpful.
And I think it is normal to have these thoughts of you ex because he simply was you first love. It will always be special...

good luck and keep up the good work! :)