Tuesday, December 29, 2009


So I haven't posted in a while. Like over 4 months actually. Well I suppose I should give you all an urpdate. Well first my mom kicked me out back in September. I moved in with kasey. The guy with all the tattoos. So yeah I was living there with absolutely NO internet access. It sucked. But me and kasey fell in love and now were married. We got married in November. Soon were going to move out to Tyler tx. Oh yeah one more thing... I'm 11 weeks pregnant!! :) so I guess that means no more ana. :( it sucks but its only until July and I'm excited to be having kaseys baby. I'll still post now that I have internet access. :) only it won't be about how much weight I'm losing or what I'm eating since being pregnant is causing me to eat like a pig. LOL. Anyways that's all for today. I promise I'll post more tomorrow. Later :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Marine = Old News

Ok so I realize I haven't posted in sometime. Sorry I've been so busy getting swept off my feet. ;) His name is Kasey he's 23. I realize he's like 5 years older than me but he's SO AMAZING. I swear his kisses are the best. They make me melt. He's a martial artist which was so cool! Oh and he has so much faith in God it's almost unreal. Oh my goodness the BEST PART about him is all his tattoos. Hehe I'm kinda a sucker for a guy with tattoos especially when they're hair free. My favorite is this dragon that he has on his side. Once I get a better camera I'm definently posting a pic. You know what I think the Marine was telling the truth. God probably did tell him to break it off. And I'm SO GLAD he did. 'Cuz God sent me a much better guy that actually KNOWS how to control his stupid hormones. Ahh I feel like I'm on cloud 9! :) I just can't even believe how happy I am! You wanna know the best part? THE MARINE WANTS ME BACK NOW!! Haha to bad. Your loss sucker. I'm happy with a new AMAZING guy now. Just being around him. I don't care how upset I am being around him always makes me smile. He's just so sweet and gentle, but still so manly and the way he calls me baby just gives me the most amazing feeling in the world. I'm crazy about him. That's all there is to it. If I could spend every waking moment with him I would. LOL well anyways as you can tell I'M OVER THE MARINE. LOL something even funnier I have NOT been sticking to ABC and I somehow managed to get down to 124... Weird. I wonder if being happy helps you lose weight? OH well I'll restart ABC tomorrow. I'm so pumped! lol Anyways I've got alot of catching up to do on everyone's blogs. Think I should get started. Think Thin xoxo

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I'm falling apart

I'm Barely Breathing

With a broken Heart

That's still beating

With every pain

There is healing

In any life

I find meaning.

Lifehouse - Broken.

Pretty much how I feel right now. I found out he was lying to me about having a facebook....Why would you lie to someone about that? Maybe there's something on his facebook he's hiding? He hasn't even given me a reason for breaking up with me. He just says it's what God told him to do... Ok I'll buy that. But he still calls me and tells me he loves me. He asks to hang out. I saw him yesterday. He kept trying to kiss me and hold me. My only question, if this is what God told him to do why is he still trying to act like we're together? I wish he would just leave me alone. When he kisses me and holds me and tells me he loves me, but then says we can't be together all it does is rip me apart inside. Gets all my hopes up just to smash them to pieces. it's really not fair. All I can think now is that there's another girl and he can't decide who he wants, which would really be a punch in the face to me since we've been together for a year and a half. My heart hurts so much and I still love him so much.

This diet is now officially for me. I'm gonna lose weight for me.

Now the other ex-boyfriend, (the army dude) we'll call him johnny. He's coming back in December, and now he's trying to write me from basic. He wants me to write him, I'd love to. We were best friends before we decided to ruin it by acting on our stupid teenage emotions. Now everytime we try to be friends it ends up in both of us wanting to be together but then ends in us having to face reality that it just won't work. But what do you write to your ex-boyfriend/best friend? Especially after Mr. Perfect just broke up with you? I know how it's gonna come out. He's gonna comfort me and make me think that HE'S Mr. Perfect. Than we're gonna completely forget why we broke up in the first place. We're gonna become blinded and be determined to make it work between us no matter what than after a few months we're gonna be completely broken hearted once we realize for the millionth time that there's just no way to make it work. Not going through that again.

Anyways today is a 500 calorie day. I haven't eaten yet today so far so great. :) I weighed 127.5 lbs this morning. I feel like if I could just get past the first 2 days I'll be great.

This is my thinspo for life: Selena Gomez! Why you might ask.
#1. She's stinkin' adorable!!
#2. Mr. Perfect thinks she's hot.
Thanks for all the lovely support you guys are awesome! *tear* I love you all so much! Stau strong!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

ok everyone I'm ok I haven't been posting because my computer's been acting all funky on me. Me and the boyfriend are still broken up but I'm handling it. :) Thanks for all the support. Anyways I've been slacking on the diet. Probably because I needed comfort food. But I'm gonna get back on track and start regularly blogging again tomorrow. It's late now so I need sleep. Until tomorrow. Think thin everyone.

Friday, August 14, 2009

So me and the boyfriend brokeup...
I didn't think it would happen this way...
Actaully I didn't think it would happen at all
We seemed so perfect for each other
Maybe too perfect.
I don't really know if this pain is something I could live with.
So I hope it passes soon.
But it probably won't.
I weighed in at 128.5.
That's 2 1/2 lbs in 3 days.

It's day 4 of ABC so the max for today is 400 calories. That won't be to hard since I feel so sick to my stomach already.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Been gone for a bit..

Ok so I've realized I've been gone for a bit. I thought my boyfriend was going to be shipping out to boot camp so I've been spending as much time with him as possible. But his doctor wants him to do a month of physical therapy because of some crap that happened with his knee. So he wont be leaving for another month. YAY!!! :) anyways I gotta make this post quick, cuz my mom wants me to go to wal-mart.

to Ana Nonymous: Sorry I haven't answered til now. You probably have already had your question answered lol. But just in case the ABC diet is like a Pro-ana diet. It lasts for 50 days and has a pretty much a different calorie intake allowed for everyday. I'm not gonna lie. It's pretty hard to stick to. I'm actually starting over again today, cuz I haven't been following it to well. But when you DO stick to it, I've heard that you can lose quite a bit of weight. I don't have alot of time right now but if you want I can post the ABC diet plan in my blog for you. Just let me know. :) OH yeah and as for my revenge plan. I do not care whatsoever if you use it. Knock yourself out please. :)) LOL .

Ok I'm outta time. I'll answer the rest of the comments and post a REAL blog when I get back. Love you guys and gals. Stay strong :))

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Mix of feelings..

Ok so first off I'd like to thank, xthinforever, lovelybones, Ana's Girl, Sarah, Savory Sweet, and
-H- for all the hilarious, but supporting comments. They made me feel better and I was having a pretty bad day. Anyways, I have thought about it and I know what my revenge will be. Guess who's going with me on my shopping spree when I reach my final goal weight?? Yes that's what I'm gonna do. She's gonna see me putting on x-smalls and like size 3 jeans. (cuz in all reality, I have a HUGE butt and thighs) And she's gonna be so upset and I'm gonna be like that's karma for you hoe. I can just see it now. I'm gonna be asking "Do you have these jeans in a smaller size?" And she's gonna be asking "Do you have this shirt in a large?" YES!! I can't wait. Ahh. Is that to mean? Oh well. On a different note...

So I'm not gonna lie to you guys, I haven't been sticking to ABC. I haven't been eating like a fatso or anything but I definently haven't been sticking to the limits. And I haven't been doing no kind of exercise. After about a week I've lost maybe 1/2 a pound. I guess that's ok. It's weight loss, but I'd like to see more. I plan to reach my first goal weight of 124 by August 17. That's about 2 weeks away. So I restarted ABC today. I must say I've been doing pretty good. I'll post a pic once I've reached my first goal weight. I'm so excited to stick to it this time.

Food Intake:

1 cup of Activia Yogurt 110 calories
1 small banana 90 calories

1 Turkey Sandwich 190 calories

1 South Beach Chocolate Raspberry bar 100 calories
WOOOOHHH!!! 490 calories all together! sorry I'm proud of myself lol.

30 minutes of running burned 259 calories
55 minutes of martial arts burned 527 calories
20 minutes of walking burned 153 calories