Monday, August 3, 2009

Yup that's me, after last night's binge. Before anyone says anything, I know I'm pale and I know I have a chubby stomach. Yesterday was supposed to be Day 2 of ABC, but I got invited to a singles night at a friend from churches house.I still weigh the same 129.5 lbs, but I'm obviously bloated. Ugh I suck! Today is Day 3 of ABC and I haven't exercised at all today. All I've had so far is a banana which is probably around 200 or so calories. I might eat some canteloupe or something later on tonight. Ugh, hopefully I'll have lost some weight tomorrow. I'll exercise some tomorrow. I'm really starting to think that maybe I need to cut back on the socializing. That's when I seem to do my most eating. Maybe I'll just start bringing my own food with me or something, then I'll have an excuse. I could just take out my food and nibble whenever everyone else starts to eat pizza and junk. Then they'll just think I'm a health nut or something. IDK I guess you could say I kinda am, whatever. Well tomorrow is a new day. I'll do better tommorow. It's a 400 calorie day. I'll definently workout tomorrow. My plan is to run, maybe do some martial arts, and do some booty toning. x) Ok well I think it's time for some thinspo.