Tuesday, August 4, 2009

People I currently can't stand...

First off my ridiculously skinny so called "best friend." I'm alot shorter than her. So my "ideal" weight is ALOT lighter than hers. Anyways she always tries to be so f****** competitive with me. Back when I was alot skinnier (At 115) she weighed about 120 or so. And it was like her life dream to weigh less than me. Whatever I would eat she would eat half of. Whenever I worked out she would work out twice as hard and twice as long. It was so annoying. She's always trying to out do me. Now that I'm fat it's like she's having a f******* field day or something. It seems like she has to rub it in my face or something. "OOOOO guess what I'm lighter than you. Look at how big my size 3 pants are on me. OMG you used to be so tiny. How'd you get so big. I'm WAY smaller than you now." First off f*** you. The ONLY reason you're smaller and lighter than me is cuz I got fat. But wait 'til I lose all this weight. I'll be even tinnier than I was last time watch. Then there's absolutely NO WAY you'll ever be smaller than me EVER.

Second, my boyfriend. Boyfriend I love you but you're CONFUSING as hell! Stop telling me how perfect I am now if you're gonna gawk at how tiny my waist has been getting, or pictures of me from back when I was skinnier. It's very confusing and I need you to make up your mind. Cuz I wanna be perfect for you.

K I am COMPLETELY aware that my boyfriend and sorry excuse for a best friend probably won't ever read this, but I need to get this off my chest, and everyone here seems to understand me and my problems more than ANYONE I know in real life. Thanks for all the support you guys have been giving. It's been simply amazing. Stay strong lovelies.


Anonymous said...

UGH omg.
fuck your "best friend". you must obviously pretty and skinny if she is so goddamn jealous of you. you will show her anyways. she will never be able to be as tiny as you.

and i totally know what you mean about your boyfriend. i wanna be perfect for mine too.. but he tells me he likes how i am. but how can he when i dont? :(

stay strong
lets kick your bff's ass LOL

Anonymous said...

ya she's definitely not a good friend, if she was she would be uplifting and encourage you to lose the weight instead of getting joy at your expense. if you continue to stay friends with her, i think you should do little things to spite/sabotage her that she doesnt know about :) haa! sorry i love revenge, and the best revenge is being successful!

Ana's Girl said...

Ugh. I HATE it when people rub it in my face that they're smaller than me, as if Ana doesn't do that anyway without their help! And boyfriends are soo confusing like that... That's why i'm single. Haha.
Stay strong. You'll be skinnier than your "friend" so soon and then she'll have reason to be jealous, jealous, jealous!

Sarah. said...

ahhh i can finally comment you!!
for some reason it wasnt letting me the other day
- sorry to say, but your best friend sounds like a massive bitch.
soon you'll once again be the more petite one, and wont even have to make comments toward her for her to notice

Savory Sweet said...

ugh it's so true. Friends are petty. When you're smaller again, she'll be starving herself. My friends are all talking about their diets but I went out with them and they were eating pork chops!? And then when my skinny friend was talking about splitting dessert with me (and I was like noooo) my fat friend was like "JUST EAT THE DESSERT" ...friends are fickle and secretly want to be you or nibble on your arms to feed themselves.

Boyfriends love you no matter what if they love you, but there's definitely a perfect size. Apparently, I'm too small right now. But do what makes you happy, because you have to live in your skin, not him :)

-H- said...

loved the thinspo pics
and well it is good to get things of your chest you will feel a lot more lighter if you do... :D
i know i also ramble about everything in my blogg....