Thursday, August 20, 2009

ok everyone I'm ok I haven't been posting because my computer's been acting all funky on me. Me and the boyfriend are still broken up but I'm handling it. :) Thanks for all the support. Anyways I've been slacking on the diet. Probably because I needed comfort food. But I'm gonna get back on track and start regularly blogging again tomorrow. It's late now so I need sleep. Until tomorrow. Think thin everyone.


Ana's Girl said...

Sometimes a little bit of comfort food and a break from Ana is what it takes to heal. Welcome back, sweetie. Show him what he's missing now and make yourself the thinnest and most beautiful you've ever been. Much love.

SBB said...

Comfort food only really helps while you're eating it & then after... you're stuck feeling even more upset than you were when you started eating the chocolate/pasta/chips/everything-&-anything.. Well at least that is how I feel..
Stay strong & start living for you.. now you get to put YOURSELF first, & make you the best you could be. It is going to hurt, but use the pain in a good way.
Show him how stupid he is for letting someone as good & amazing as you go =)

Anonymous said...

welcome back. <3

Fleur said...

Relief. so glad you're back and ok :)