Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Mix of feelings..

Ok so first off I'd like to thank, xthinforever, lovelybones, Ana's Girl, Sarah, Savory Sweet, and
-H- for all the hilarious, but supporting comments. They made me feel better and I was having a pretty bad day. Anyways, I have thought about it and I know what my revenge will be. Guess who's going with me on my shopping spree when I reach my final goal weight?? Yes that's what I'm gonna do. She's gonna see me putting on x-smalls and like size 3 jeans. (cuz in all reality, I have a HUGE butt and thighs) And she's gonna be so upset and I'm gonna be like that's karma for you hoe. I can just see it now. I'm gonna be asking "Do you have these jeans in a smaller size?" And she's gonna be asking "Do you have this shirt in a large?" YES!! I can't wait. Ahh. Is that to mean? Oh well. On a different note...

So I'm not gonna lie to you guys, I haven't been sticking to ABC. I haven't been eating like a fatso or anything but I definently haven't been sticking to the limits. And I haven't been doing no kind of exercise. After about a week I've lost maybe 1/2 a pound. I guess that's ok. It's weight loss, but I'd like to see more. I plan to reach my first goal weight of 124 by August 17. That's about 2 weeks away. So I restarted ABC today. I must say I've been doing pretty good. I'll post a pic once I've reached my first goal weight. I'm so excited to stick to it this time.

Food Intake:

1 cup of Activia Yogurt 110 calories
1 small banana 90 calories

1 Turkey Sandwich 190 calories

1 South Beach Chocolate Raspberry bar 100 calories
WOOOOHHH!!! 490 calories all together! sorry I'm proud of myself lol.

30 minutes of running burned 259 calories
55 minutes of martial arts burned 527 calories
20 minutes of walking burned 153 calories



Anonymous said...

martial arts?!
you got a marine boyfriend and you do martial arts. what a lethal combination! and girl, that is NOT mean at all. get a bigger size, like fives, try them on, and be like OHOHHOHHHH hahaha silly me, i forgot, i wear THREES! my mistake. LOL that would be awesome :)

and you're welcome on the comment sweetie. i am always here for support or whatever you need. <3

Ana's Girl said...

That's what i'm here for: to support and make you feel better. I don't think it's mean at all. It sounds like what she deserves to me. Mwahaha listen to evil us plotting away. Lol.

Martial arts! I've always wanted to learn that. Maybe i'll take a class or something when i get a regular income. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

too mean?? thats not mean enough! its a good start though you should def do that! how about try on jeans that are huge and be like "oh these are too big on me, i wish i had bigger thighs so they'd fit cause theyre so cute! they'd prob fit you though! want to try them on?"

Sarah. said...

Haha yess! Thats gonna be the best day!
Hahahaha, just read lovelybones' comment! You HAVE to say something like that
Hehe, so evil, i love it


Anonymous said...

Good job on the intake and exercise! I'd love to train martial arts and stuff like that. But I live in a small town and there are just limited amount of sports that you can practise here.

Keep up the good work!

Savory Sweet said...

beautiful thinspo! And your food intake for the day is like ridiculously amazing and actually sounds tasty ;)

I like that sort of revenge. It's vengeful but not catty lol. It will be a nice thought to keep in your head and work towards. You will rock those x-smalls!!!

Anonymous said...

Great job on keeping the calories down! And thanks for following my blog :) I have a question though, what is the ABC diet? I have heard about it but im not sure what it is. Ok back to you :) Your picture after the binge the night before looked great. I would love to look like that! And I hope your revenge for your horribe friend is sweet. I have a friend who does those really noticable hints that im fat and acts like she didnt say anything bad at all and thatI should just keep getting bigger and bigger blah blah. You dont mind if I use your revenge idea for this sly friend of mine? Good luck for your goal weight! xx

Anonymous said...

ahh thanks so much for making me feel better about the binge! i just felt stuck in a rut like it was over but you made me realize that its just time to start again and turn over a new leaf :) thanks beautiful!